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Crafty boxes for creative kids

30 Nov 2014


I was sent these the other day by Oglee Poglee, a kids party company based in Berkhamsted, which has just launched a set of craft boxes for kids. The brand is well respected in Herts, so I was interested to see what they would be like.

The boxes are aimed at 3-7 year olds, and I can imagine kids would love them with all the tactile felt and stickers and shininess. From an adult perspective it was quite interesting becuase my initial thought was that, at £18, it was quite a lot of money for something I could essentially buy from Hobbycraft. But actually on closer inspection, the boxes were much more clever that that (and let’s not even go into the reality that I never ever ever ever make it into Hobbycraft anyway).


There’s an overall theme for each box, either Space or Butterflies and Bugs, non-gender specific and with enough bits in it to keep two kids happy with one pack if you prefer. Within one box is a story with pictures the kids can colour in (a big hit with mine, and also a natural encouragement to read the book). There are the usual array of stickers, glues and all that stuff, but also unusual inclusions like cotton bobbys and bits of felt. And though there are instructions as to what you can make, kids are encouraged to just do what they like with it, so there’s a feeling of creativity above all else.


You can buy the kits online if you’re interested in giving them a whirl – a really fab Christmas present I reckon.





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