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Wouldn’t You Though?

14 Jan 2015
JA pheasant mug

Pheasant Mug, £14

Don’t you just love a cheeky pheasant?  Jane Abbott’s gorgeous china features all sorts of positively adorable creatures — but this chap is definitely my favourite.  I’m not usually a huge fan of mugs and such with pictures of animals and birds and so on, but I do like these ones.  There’s something very distinctive about the designs, and a real sense of character that makes me laugh — and might even manage to raise a smile over that first cup of coffee.

JA cockerel

Cockerel Mug, £14

Jane Abbott, based in Watton-at-Stone just north of Hertford, has some serious design credentials behind her.  After studying fine art, she worked in brand design and creation in London before moving back to Herts.  Her china company has been up and running for just over two years, and there’s already a great range to choose from.

It’s not just mugs, either.  There are all kinds of bits and pieces to feast your eyes on: plates, bowls, spoons, egg cups, jugs and so on.  Some lovely big — and beautiful — pasta bowls, too.  I’d love to eat my porridge out of something like this every morning.

JA Dancing Hen Small bowl

Small Bowl, Dancing Hen, £12

Birds not your thing?  There are some gorgeously sweet mice as well.


Ruby Mouse Babyccino Cup, £10

Mice and ballet?  Killer combo.  I know several little girls — and some not-so-little ones — who would just love to drink their babyccino, hot chocolate, espresso, gin, you name it, out of something this sweet.


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