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17 Apr 2015

badger 1

I am completely head over heels for this Deco Badger cushion from the design team Orwell and Goode.  No, they’re not from Herts — they’re from considerably further north. The Scottish Borders, in fact.  But I just don’t care.

badger 2

These stylised badgers — it’s sort of tricky at first to see what they are — are so delightful, and I love the round cushion, the round footstool, the round lot of ’em, echoing the pattern so beautifully.

badger 3

The colours, too, really do it for me, although you can get different variations on the same theme printed on different fabrics.  And it looks great in all sorts of settings.

badger 4

And if Mr C is reading this (and I hope he is) I’m certain he’ll agree with me that a badger-covered Ercol armchair would go perfectly in the living room.  Right, dear?

badger 5

Orwell and Goode (aka Zuzanna Orwell and Bronagh Goode) do have lots of other designs.  There are some very charming foxes and owls, among many others.  But I’m completely fixated on the badgers at the moment.  Love ’em.

badger 6

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