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Wouldn’t You Though?

20 Jul 2015

As someone who tends to plump for navy or black just by default, Julie Slater and Son‘s brilliantly coloured bags are a gorgeous way to get out of that particular rut.

Julie Slater & Son

Satchel Bag, £36

They’re all beautifully made, too, and the company is based right here in Herts, in St Albans.  Lovely and local?  Great combination.  Oh, and not too extravagant.


Recycled Leather Shopper, £66

The recycled leather shopper comes in all kinds of colours — except black — and definitely looks more like a tote than a shopper to me.  Depends on what you’re shopping for, though, I suppose.  Can’t imagine filling it up with fruit and veg, but lovely treats? Quite possibly.

Sandstripe_Overnight Bag_outside

Overnight Bag, £45

I do rather like the overnight bag, too — although I’m going to have to wait for my current black one (boo…) to fall apart first.  (Sounds like I need more nights away, Mr C.)


Oyster Card Holder, £14.75

It’s not just bags, though.  There’s a whole range of purses, card holders, make-up bags, the lot.  And all in brilliant, vibrant colours.  I also really like the selection of gifts (a gift to yourself is still a gift, right?) and can’t help thinking that choosing presents for my two lovely nieces has suddenly got a whole lot easier.  (Don’t tell them though — I want it to be a surprise…)


Heart-shaped Leather Purse, £21.50; Double Leather Photo Frame, £13; Leather Make Up Case, £14.50; A5 Notebook, £15.75

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