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500 years of portraits looking *right at you*

12 Aug 2015


The National Portrait Gallery is just about my favourite art gallery in the world.  There’s just something about pictures of people that I find completely fascinating, and I could wander around there for hours.  (And the cafe’s good, too…)


This little video – ‘500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art’ – might have popped up in your Facebook feed already (which is where I stumbled across it the other day).  If it hasn’t already, take 2 minutes (and 52 seconds) out of your day and check it out.


Sounds a bit dry?  Bit like an art history lecture?  It’s not.  It’s utterly mesmerising. And it’s not just because the eyes seem to be looking straight at you all the time.


Beats videos of cats falling off things, anyway.  Enjoy….

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