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David Attenborough and… er…. Adele…?

6 Nov 2015

Good eyelashes, missus.

Oh my giddy aunt.  I have no idea why this popped up in my online feed, but I’m jolly glad it did.  Who doesn’t love David Attenborough?  And his voice-over for the start of the spanking new Adele video had me grinning and made me like him even more.  Hope you enjoy it too…

1 comment on “David Attenborough and… er…. Adele…?”
  • Karen January 3, 2016

    Have just found your blog and hope to use it to create one for myself. I love Bath, Adele and children, but hate detox, although your skin did look great! Needless to say mine doesn’t. Wish me luck!


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