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*THE* Girls Movie You’ll Want to See

18 Nov 2015

Hero, over at Muddy Bucks and Oxon, has been at it again.  And given that I’m currently living in a house in which there’s an excess of teenage-boy excitement about Spectre and (yawn) Star Wars, I’m all for the possibility of a grown-up, bad-girl antidote to all that….



Not often a trailer will see me choking with laughter but keep watching this bad girl from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It’s gratifying to see a slow but definite groundswell of movies written by women, starring women, aimed at women. Of course that kind of bias is only worthwhile if the film is actually any good but I’m definitely gathering some girlies together to see it.

‘Sisters’ is about two… (well, I won’t parry with your intelligence here). The two protagonists go back to their childhood home before it’s sold from under their noses and have one last mother of a party.

Here’s the teaser if you want 2 minutes of joy on a grey morning. It’s releasing in the US next month and Fey jokes it will ‘crush’ Star Wars.  It’s March before it makes it across the Atlantic, but I have a feeling it will be worth the wait.

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