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Bye-bye Bellowhead….

23 Nov 2015

I am gutted that I hadn’t heard of Bellowhead until – crap timing, indeed – they were announcing their farewell tour.  Split up when I’ve only just discovered them?  How very, very dare they?


They’re bringing that farewell tour to Watford Colosseum this weekend, and while I think it’s all sold out, it’s definitely worth seeing if there are tickets still or (fingers crossed) returns.


Mr C and I saw them this summer (by accident) at Folk by the Oak, and then we were lucky enough to see them at the Aylesbury Waterside last weekend, with good friends who’ve known about them for ages, and they were cracking.  Properly talented musicians, shedloads of noisy energy, barrels of cheek, and a rather charming (in a slightly scruffy and disreputable way) lead singer.


They’re a huge deal on the folk scene – but don’t let that ‘folk’ thing put you off.  They’re way more than that, with a very rock-y, almost punk-y attitude, as well as more oomph than you can shake a stick at.  Only don’t think shaking sticks – this isn’t Morris-dancing-folk.  This is in-your-face, whack-it-out-really-loud folk.


So, catch them at Watford if you can.  They’re really, honestly, like nothing else you’ll see.  And if you can’t catch them at Watford, if it really is sold out, then there are tour dates all over — including lots of venues in the South East — until (*sob*) it all comes to an end in Oxford next May.


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