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Wouldn’t You Though?

23 Nov 2015

I just love these strange and wonderful Skippity Hop Creatures that are the very clever makings of Kim Sinclair-McNally.

skippity-hop 2

I bought myself a wee mole a while ago (it’s a long story why…) and he has pride of place near our back door, with his velvet tum and beautifully knitted hat.


The craftsmanship is incredible – so detailed – but I also am a bit besotted with the way she photographs them, sometimes against the most amazing backgrounds.


They’re sort of toys – and I imagine they’d stand up to a fair bit of whacking and/or loving – but they’re sort of not, too.  Little works of rather odd art, they are.


I don’t even who I’d buy them for – or what I’d do with any more of them if I bought more for myself  — but they just make me smile to look at them.


Stocking filler, anyone?


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