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Wouldn’t You Though?

9 Dec 2015

I stumbled across these gorgeous – and very distinctive – origami lamps at Rosita Lollipop in Hitchin.  I definitely like the fox best, but I’d take a rabbit too.


They’re made from polyresin, and have LED lights in them that last for ages.  And they’re flippin’ adorable.


They’re a neat size, too: 22cm tall, by about 15cm wide.  And at £29.99 they’re definitely an affordable treat.  Or, I suppose, a gift – seeing as it’s that time of year and all.


The rabbit comes in a muted mint green or white,  and the fox (still my favourite) is in pale grey or orange — and I’d definitely plump for the orange, given the choice.


I so want one for Christmas.  Or before Christmas, even.  Santa, you listening?

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