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18 Feb 2016

random rug 3

These ‘Random Rugs’ from the National Trust (helloooo, middle age!) are actually rather lovely.  They’re random only in that they’re woven from the leftover bits of other less random rugs – so they’re all recycle-y and eco as well as being nicely warm and snuggly.

random rug 4

I really like the random colours and patterns that you get from the way they’re made.  They look and feel like the sort of blankets that you’d want someone to pass to you on a chilly winter evening in front of a roaring fire.  Oh, and there’d be hot chocolate, too.  Or hot toddies.  Or… you get the picture.

They’re ridiculously reasonable, too – just £17.  And you’re supporting the National Trust, which is A Good Thing, right?

random rug 5a


You can also get a picnic version, with a waterproof bottom (oo-er, missus) and handy carrying handle, for just £30.  Got to be handy with the summer on its way (it is, honest) and it’s definitely time to replace the threadbare one we’ve been toting around for years already.

random rug 2

So yes, I’m embracing picnic-loving, sitting-in-front-of-the-fire, National-Trust-membership middle age.  And I’m doing it with a nice warm blanket.


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