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Wouldn’t You Though?

11 Apr 2016


I stumbled across these stunning metal letters online last night — and I already want to spell out just about everything I can.  Like Scrabble, only bigger — and much, much more stylish.


The good folk at Funky Farmhouse in Lidlington picked them up recently on a buying trip up North, and they are selling like the proverbial hot cakes.  Seriously, they’re proper flying out the door.


Look! Look! One just for me!


They’re just £40 a piece, and I reckon they’d look good just about anywhere.  Loving the colours and the slightly shabby feel to them — as well as the size.


Fancy picking up your intials?  Spelling out something neat?  You can pick ’em up online, like I did, straight from Funky Farmhouse.  Just don’t get too distracted by all the other cool stuff they’ve got.  Or do.  Your call.



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