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Watch this: Best Paralympic ad *ever*

21 Jul 2016

I saw this on the telly the other night, and then it popped up on the Muddy Bucks & Oxon newsletter, too.  Thought I’d pass it on in case you’ve missed it.  There’s such a lot to feel glum about on the news right now, I can’t wait for a heap of feel-good Paralympic and Olympic doings.  Just don’t mention the Russians, ok?


With Wimbledon and Euros out the way and bad news all the way on TV at the mo, I’m starting to itch for the feelgood of the Olympics, all those tales of sacrifice, the sobs on the podium, that wonderful feeling of being British and proud of it, that feeling from London if we can replicate it  of ‘oh-my-god-we’re-actually-winning!’



There will no doubt be gazillions of Olympics ads coming through in the next few weeks but you will absolutely, definitely, categorically want to see this one, made to advertise the UK Paralympians but massively uplifting and challenging to anyone whose perceptions of disabled people in general are stuck in the Seventies.



Paralympics-C4-Trail-Grabs-07-1024x576The Channel 4 promo came out a few days ago but if like the rest of us you haven’t had time to see it yet, in which case, here you go. Enjoy.

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