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1 Sep 2016

Ali, all the way over in Muddy Kent, has got me lusting hard after a sequinned biker jacket… and spending inordinate amounts of time on the site where she found it.  At the risk of increasing the competition for some one-off steals, I thought I’d share with you all too.  Yup, I’m good like that.


What d’you think tops the list of the little things which make UK adults happy – beating ‘Finding a forgotten tenner in your pocket’ and ‘Being told you’ve lost weight’ to the top spot? ‘Finding a bargain’, of course! *In a recent survey to find the top 50 little things that bring us joy – getting a great deal came in at No.1.

So imagine my delight when I heard about the newly launched The Second Wardrobe – a brilliant online boutique for buyers and sellers of high-end, quality second-hand clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories… There’s labels from Chloé to Coast, DVF to Donna Karan and everything good in between. The website is very user friendly, stylishly and cleverly put together – don’t you think? (I wasn’t surprised to learn the enterprising Mums behind it – Helen Crook & Hannah Badley – have backgrounds in fashion and photography). Better still, if your purse can’t stretch to the suggested selling price you simply click on the ‘Make an offer’ option. The team will then take your offer straight to the Seller and will get back to you ASAP. How brilliant is that? I tried this on a super cute blue flower print tea dress by Maje. Had my reduced price accepted within the hour! It’s so dangerously good.


As you’d expect all the items are in good condition – many worn once or even not at all. I just had to write a post straight away and share it with you, although there was a teeny-weeny moment of hesitation when I thought: or do I want to keep this fab find to myself? But OF COURSE you guys won out – that’s how much I care mes amis! And if one of you gets to that silver sequin biker jacket before me then so be it! *sob*… Or that Whistles dress or the Alexander McQueen Bag (that I *so* can’t afford, but am giving the eye anyway).

Second Wardrobe pop up

There’s even a section for buying and selling wedding/bridesmaid dresses – with both Julien MacDonald and Vera Wang numbers up for grabs. Speaking of which, remember that episode of Friends, The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress, where Monica really wants that discounted dress – and will stop at nothing to get it?


See you there – last one to the silver sequin biker jacket’s a rotten egg!

(* Research was commissioned by Spirini based on a study of 2,000 UK adults)

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