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Wouldn’t You Though?

19 Sep 2016

Seriously?  They’re gorgeous.  Anya Hindmarch’s new maths-inspired designs, premiering at London Fashion Week, are jaw-droppingly delicious.  As was the show itself…


Apex Cage Sandals, £595

I’ve got SERIOUS shoe envy.  I mean, really.  How lovely are these?  I’m loving the circles on everything, the geometric patterns, and the glorious colours.

And if you’ve not seen footage of the show itself, you’ll be blown away by the sheer spectacle of it all.  Straight catwalk?  No chance.  Massive space-ship-style disc that the models appear from and then disappear into?  That’s more like it…


Apex Sling Back, £450

It all looks just as lovely in white, though, too.  I know it’s Autumn right now and time to start digging out tights and boots — but these have me all moonin’ around longing for Spring already.


Circulus Slide, £395

Tennis shoes?  I wouldn’t be playing tennis — I’d be too busy admiring my own damn feet to be chucking balls around.


Tennis Shoe, £375

Of course, it’s not just shoes.  The bags are just as stunning.  Well, of course they are.


Flip Vere Barrel, £1,795

Even the little tassel-y things to go on your bag are gorgeous.


Small Sphere Trigger, £175

What more can I say?  I’m drooling…  Mr C, my birthday’s in the Spring, y’ know?




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