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Don’t be sloe (sorry) getting your gin started…

3 Oct 2016



I’m something of a fan of sloe gin, having properly discovered it a few years ago — courtesy of my lovely friend Lucy, who always manages to rustle up a super selection of sloe gin, damson gin, and more.  So I’m not-very-quietly excited at the prospect of the return of the Alford Arms’ Sloe Gin Competition.

Now’s the time to be gathering your sloes — they’re all over the hedgerows right now — so rather than get your stilettos properly Muddy, swap them for some sturdy boots and head on out there.  Gloves might be a plan, too — can get prickly.


There are 2 categories in the competition. There’s one for your Traditional recipes — sloes, gin, sugar and know-how.  And there’s a category that let’s you get a little bit more creative — the Embellished category is all about adding in that something a little bit different, whether it’s damsons or vanilla or your very own secret ingredient that makes all the difference.


The judging’s going to happen in the first week of February, so you’ve got plenty of time to let your flavours develop until they’re deep and delicious.

The Alford Arms would love to know what you’re up to — tweet them a picture of your jars, or pop a selfie of your sloe-picking adventures on their Facebook page.

And may the best gin win!



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