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Take the make-up bag challenge!

22 Jan 2016

I think I realised that my make-bag – well, the box into which what little make-up I own – needed a bit of an overhaul when I noticed that my youngest’s Frozen lipgloss looked in better shape than most of what I had. Weeding out anything with Anna or Elsa on it, I decided enough was enough and booked in at Pebble Sanctuary in Hitchin for their ‘make-up bag challenge.’ Fearing, mind you, that my motley assortment might be too much of a challenge for anyone….

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Hot lava shells — and hot tips for looking fab!

19 Dec 2014

Winter is all about bundling up, right?  Lots of scarves, gloves, thick tights.  I quite like it, to be honest.  Takes the pressure off a bit, and those lumps and bumps can be blamed on scrunched-up layers rather than on a complete lack of restraint regarding the biscuit tin.

And with all these frosty mornings and rainy days mean that anything with ‘hot’ in the name immediately has my undivided attention: hot chocolate, hot toddy, hot date – I’m there. 

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Glitz and glamour in Tring

24 Nov 2014

It has to be something pretty special to tempt me out on a cold and rainy night, but failing Jamie Dornan turning up on my doorstep with a bottle of champers, the launch of the spanking-new British makeup range delilah at The Clinic in Tring had me grabbing my coat and heading out the door.

I don’t normally wear a lot of makeup – if any at all.

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Stately home spa breaks

11 Nov 2014

It’s great not having to hop in the car for hours to escape somewhere for the weekend, so  having Champneys just five minutes down the road – well, up the hill – is an absolutely brilliant bonus to living, as I do, in Tring. That said, it’s not really that far from anywhere in Herts and it’s a drive worth taking.

Though there’s something to be said for super-new spas, with their glass and chrome and modern lines, there was something rather lovely about staying somewhere that used to be one of the Rothschild’s stately homes.

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