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Win this £800 stay at Another Place The Lake!

3 Feb 2017

We do try to push the boat out on prizes for you to win, but we’ve had we had one so delicious it was literally bobbing over the water. But check out this lakeside view!

Another Place The Lake in Ullswater in the Lake District is the most ridiculously gorgeous, luxurious, stylish hotel we’ve seen in a very long time and we’ve nabbed a two night stay, worth nearly £800, for one lucky Muddy reader (and your plus one obvs).

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Crafty kids? You *need* Oglee Poglee!

8 Jul 2016

During half term, my youngest and I went along to an Oglee Poglee workshop in Berkhamsted. Having cut my maternal teeth on a son who couldn’t care less about cutting and colouring in, it was a bit of a shock to end up with a daughter for whom a new pack of felt tips is like the best thing ever and who can happily spend hours — I mean, hours — fiddling with clay and beads and bits of glittery stuff….

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