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Deliciously Ella recipe: pistachio and orange truffle bites

12 Mar 2017

Here is the first of three recipes I’ll be sharing with you from Ella Mills‘s new book, Deliciously Ella With Friends. I was lucky enough to meet Ella when she was in Hertfordshire for an event organised by Chorleywood Bookshop. She invited me to visit one of her cafes, MaE Deli, and I have recently had lunch at her cafe in Weighhouse Street – review to follow.

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Blade runner: the man on a mission in Hitchin

10 Mar 2017

What do your kitchen knives say about you? I have learned something valuable about myself, and it’s nothing to shout about. My kitchen knives were pronounced ‘Entirely average’ by Tim Hitchin Sharpening Keegan, when I rocked up at his workshop with a car load of embarrassingly blunt knives. Leaving your house carrying a knife is illegal by the way, just to be clear. The reason I score ‘average’, is because, according to Tim, ‘Every blasted knife in this country is blunt.’

Tim looks rather marvellous when he is angry.

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