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Yomp, slurp and chomp through the glorious Chilterns

20 Mar 2017

At last! The Chilterns Food and Drink Festival! What took them so long? As with all the best ideas, you wonder why nobody had the idea before. It’s an area that has rich pickings, so much so that back in the day, the Chilterns were known as the larder of London. So, where to start? The festival opens this Saturday and runs from 25 March until Sunday 2 April. You are invited to celebrate the bounty of Bucks, Herts and Beds in a series of deliciously greedy events.

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Hitchin hosts with the most, and farewell sloe Ginuary

6 Feb 2017

I mopped up January with two stellar awards’ events, both hosted in Herts. On Monday I headed off to Hitchin, where Hermitage Road bar and restaurant was hosting the Top 50 Gastropubs awards. And on Tuesday, in Frithsden, the idyllic hidden pocket in the west of the county, it was the sloe gin competition at the Alford Arms where I was one of the judges. It’s hard work, believe me, tasting over 20 gins in one evening, but I bore it bravely.

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Don’t be sloe (sorry) getting your gin started…

3 Oct 2016

I’m something of a fan of sloe gin, having properly discovered it a few years ago — courtesy of my lovely friend Lucy, who always manages to rustle up a super selection of sloe gin, damson gin, and more. So I’m not-very-quietly excited at the prospect of the return of the Alford Arms’ Sloe Gin Competition…

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Retro cheese with Jack and Alice

23 Mar 2016

The prospect of a fondue night at Jack and Alice, the new wine bar on Tring High Street, had me and a good few of my friends all in a tizzy. Retro? Yup. Cheesy? Yup. Delicious? Oh yeah…

Determined to re-live the delicious fondues of my 70s childhood – only this time without my siblings threatening to throw me in the lake if the bread fell off my fork, and with the addition of a decent bottle of wine – I grabbed two of my best lovelies and we headed off, fondue-wards, into the night…

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Glass of bubbly? Don’t mind if I do…

24 Feb 2016

There’s something properly luxurious about a really good glass of champagne. And here in Herts, we’re lucky enough to have our very own Champagne importers – Gémeaux. Karen and Ian Dibbs have been visiting the Champagne region since 2008, bringing its eponymous export back with them, and they’re committed to discovering Champagne producers you might not normally find this side of the Channel…

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