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Cafe culture that’s actually *good* for you

14 Nov 2016

I’ve been a fan of the Bhaker House in Chiswell Green for a while now. And there’s lots to be a fan of — which is all the more surprising given how tiny it is. Tucked away in a little row of shops, the Bhaker House is easy to miss if you’re whizzing past on your way into St Albans, but once you know it’s there you’ll never be able to drive by without stopping…

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Eat Here: The Milk Shed

21 Oct 2016

While Sarah from Muddy Berkshire and I would come from opposite directions, we’d both happily end up at this gorgeous little cafe near the shopping mecca that is Bicester Village. Shop ’til you drop — then head round the corner and treat yourself to lunch… then maybe a cake… or an ice cream… Anyway, I’ll leave it to Sarah to show you around properly…

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Al fresco lunching, Art Deco style

21 May 2016

There’s something glorious, I think, about eating outdoors. I’m a big fan of that whole European thing of pavement cafes and big umbrellas and so on. The chance to get that whole feeling closer to home is not to be turned down, so on a recent sunny day, I grabbed my sunglasses, headed over to The Gatsby in Berkhamsted for a working (honest…) lunch and reveled in a spot of al fresco dining with my Dhrooti, who works with me here on Muddy Herts…

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