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The Oscars: 5 unmissable moments

27 Feb 2017

Hot off the press from Muddy HQ: As you might just have noticed, last night was the 89th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The movie industry’s finest got glammed up, came, saw and conquered… or, at least, thought they’d conquered but then realised someone had a made a humdinger of a boo-boo (more of which shortly). No time to read up extensively on the finer detail of the biggest, glitziest night on the showbiz calendar?

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Fromage-free Valentine delights

1 Feb 2017

In relationship terms, whether you’re a lifer, a newbie, or something in between, 14 Feb can be excruciating. Even if you vow to ignore it, it’s impossible to ignore. The confection of romance can make you wince. Far better to grasp the nettle by doing something different that won’t make you feel like an extra in a rom com. Thanks to this Muddy guide, there’s no need to curl up inside – help yourself to some of these crackers – without cheese.

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9 Jan 2017

Hollywood’s awards season kicked off last night with the Golden Globes, celebrating the best in TV and movies. I don’t know about you but when I scan the lists of nominees and winners for these things (after I’ve gawped at the red carpet frocks), I make a mental list of cultural catch-up viewing. Too much brilliant stuff to watch, not enough time, so I’ve made it easy for us all – here are my top Golden Globes picks and where to find them.

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10 Horror Films You Really Must See

29 Oct 2016

Now, truth be told, I’m a trembly sort who hides behind a cushion when anything even the remotest bit frightening comes on screen.  I mean, really.  My six-year-old has been known to hold my hand and tell me when I can look again.  But, for all you fright-freaks out there, here’s a list of 10 scary movies that will have your goosebumps popping out all over and your hair standing on end this Halloween.  

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Teens on Screen, Take One…

27 Jun 2016

My eldest — more or less a teenager — is completely mad about film. And television. Not just watching it but making it, analysing it, quizzing his mother about her top 10 favourite directors of all time while she’s cooking dinner (even though she can’t actually name 10 directors, never mind rank them in order of merit). So when I heard about the ‘Teens on Screen’ course, I signed him up straight away. Like, even before he could snap his clapper board…

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‘Spotlight’ — tough story, great film

8 Feb 2016

The best bit about my eldest’s determination to see every film that’s had an Oscar nomination (and I’m not talking just ‘Best Picture’) is that I’m getting to go to the cinema a lot more than I usually would. True, I had to sit through ‘Star Wars: Return of the Hope Awakens in the Jedi Force’ (or something like that), but I’m also getting to pass the popcorn during some brilliant ones….

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