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Hope springs. The best places to see snowdrops

28 Jan 2017

Snowdrops spark hope. The mere sight of them can make the spirits soar. Here are the best places to see snowdrops in the county, and for those of you who don’t mind crossing borders, I’ve included Cambridgeshire and Essex and even – fasten your seatbelts – Suffolk. Get out and enjoy them while they’re here.

Benington Lordship Gardens, near Stevenage, Weds 8 Feb – Sun 5 March

The Big One.

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A Man About the Garden: Joe Swift at Hertford Theatre

24 Sep 2016

Love a bit of Gardners’ World on the telly? GQT on the radio? Have to admit, gardening shows are a bit of a guilty pleasure here at Muddy Towers — although my predilection for gardening is more about voyeurism than actual doing of things. I like admiring other people’s perfect plots — and, occasionally, watching Mr C while he’s doing a spot of weeding. (You’ve missed one, my muddy love…)

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Getting Muddy in your Autumn garden

23 Oct 2015

The garden at Muddy Herts HQ is a bit of a mish-mash, if I’m honest. We’ve worked hard on the front garden this summer – but there’s still loads to do, not least of which is wrestling with the whomping wisteria before it invades the loft. And the back is an intoxicating cocktail of veg patch, compost heap, slugs, trampoline, football goal and what we optimistically refer to as ‘the lawn’…

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Hertfordshire Edition