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Head to toe health check – do you have the nerve for it?

14 Mar 2017

Hero, editor of Muddy Bucks/Oxon and founder of Muddy Stilettos, has just been for an MOT at a clinic that will soon be opening a branch at Champneys in Tring: With the NHS buckling under pressure, GP surgeries rammed and seemingly a different doctor working every time you manage to rugby tackle a receptionist for an appointment, it’s no wonder that private doctor surgeries are stepping into the gap.

The idea being that, for a monthly or annual fee, you can call up and get an appointment at your convenience, see the same doctor each time, talk through your issues without being rushed or dismissed with a ‘come back if it’s not cleared up in 4 weeks’ and feel so happy you’ll do star jumps on any beach you come across in your itty bitty shorts.

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Be a safety-net parent, not a helicopter

1 Feb 2017

Feeling stressed? What’s your solution? Mindfulness or double espresso? You can’t stop worrying? Do you bring wine o’clock forward or dip into downward dog? All of us experience stress, and it can be overwhelming. But if you’re a parent of a teenager, well, that’s a whole other barrel of bananas. Nicola Morgan is an expert in adolescence and teenage stress as well as being an award-winning teenage novelist. She’s going to be at the Bishop’s Stortford College Festival of Literature on Weds 8 Feb, talking to families about The Teenage Guide to Stress and all her other work on the subject.

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Getting the knots out…

8 Feb 2016

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time hunched over my laptop — or over the steering wheel — and so my poor old neck and back often end up feeling, inevitably all stiff and sore. And I end up feeling miserable. (Quick, send wine… or chocolate… sympathy just isn’t going to cut it.) It’s what we all do, though, isn’t it? Using a laptop just makes it all that much easier to work or surf anywhere — like, on the sofa in front of the telly, or on the dining room table, or in bed, wherever….

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Reflexology — only without the feet….

11 Jan 2016

If there’s one thing I really don’t want to happen, it’s someone playing with my feet. So reflexology has emphatically not been top of my list of things to try. Helen James, of Healing Sole Reflexology in Berkhamsted, however, offers facial reflexology – which is about as far from your feet as you can get – and she persuaded me to give it a try….

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Look, No Hands!

25 Jun 2015

I was curious to check out Haelan Therapy in Hitchin after meeting Rebecca Kelly – winner of the Muddy Herts Best Complementary Therapy Centre Award 2015 – and hearing all about the ‘No Hands Massage’ she offers. Now, I love a good massage, but the thought of a massage with, well, no hands seems both odd and intriguing. I had a quick nosy on her website, and then booked in….

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