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Look, No Hands!

25 Jun 2015

I was curious to check out Haelan Therapy in Hitchin after meeting Rebecca Kelly – winner of the Muddy Herts Best Complementary Therapy Centre Award 2015 – and hearing all about the ‘No Hands Massage’ she offers. Now, I love a good massage, but the thought of a massage with, well, no hands seems both odd and intriguing. I had a quick nosy on her website, and then booked in….

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Restorative yoga = some serious relaxation

24 Feb 2015

When I first started doing yoga, I think I probably just figured that there was ‘yoga’ and that was that. Little did I realise that there was ashtanga yoga, bikram yoga, ananda, hatha, iyengar, kundalini, power, and on and on and on. Recently, after not having done anything yoga-wise for too long time and spending too much time at my desk instead, I came across Carol Trevor, a Herts practitioner and teacher of restorative yoga who teaches one-to-one rather than in classes – and restorative yoga sounded just like what I needed for my sore (and sorely-neglected) bod….

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Hit speed dial!

6 Jan 2015

Having sat on the phone being told that there are five calls ahead of me far too many times, trying to get appointments for me or the kids – or trying to get an appointment but being told that all the pre-bookable ones have gone so I should call back in the morning, there’s something extremely attractive about a local full-service GP with extended hours that is open not only on Saturdays but – get this – on SUNDAYS as well.

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