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9 Jan 2017

Hollywood’s awards season kicked off last night with the Golden Globes, celebrating the best in TV and movies. I don’t know about you but when I scan the lists of nominees and winners for these things (after I’ve gawped at the red carpet frocks), I make a mental list of cultural catch-up viewing. Too much brilliant stuff to watch, not enough time, so I’ve made it easy for us all – here are my top Golden Globes picks and where to find them.

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Which ad rings your Christmas bell this year?

11 Nov 2016

I know, I know, it’s only the middle of November, but there’s really no denying what’s looming, tinsel-clad, on the horizon. Yup, it’s that most wonderful time of the year again — and, like a host of angelic heralds, here come the Christmas ads on the telly. Amber, down in Muddy Surrey, is glued to the screen…

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Watch this: Best Paralympic ad *ever*

21 Jul 2016

I saw this on the telly the other night, and then it popped up on the Muddy Bucks & Oxon newsletter, too. Thought I’d pass it on in case you’ve missed it. There’s such a lot to feel glum about on the news right now, I can’t wait for a heap of feel-good Paralympic and Olympic doings. Just don’t mention the Russians, ok…

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Forget Pokemen… Let’s play Chardonnay GO!

18 Jul 2016

Oh my days.  My eldest is obsessed.  Flippin’ Poke-whatevers are everywhere — apparently — and I’m once again one of those mothers who just doesn’t ‘get it.’

Imagine my joy, then, to discover Chardonnay GO — and then my disappointment that it’s only a spoof.

Give it a watch yourself right here.  It’s not the greatest quality filming, but if you’ve got a Poke-hunter in the house, you’ll definitely get it…

Chardonnay GO!

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Watch this: hilarious vid from Euro 2016!

23 Jun 2016

Hero, over at Muddy Bucks & Oxon, laughed so hard watching this that she just had to share. And yes, it is very funny — so if you’ve not seen it, check it out. Comedian Aldrig Kede Sig does his thing with footage of DJ David Guetta at the opening ceremony of the Euros 2016. And yes, it’s incredibly silly and puerile – but sometimes that’s just what you need.

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