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12 Jan 2017

Andrei Lussmann grew up in West Africa where he first learned to drink strong espresso and fell in love with Italian food. His father worked for Impresit Bakolori, a construction company owned by Fiat, and the family lived in a version of Little Italy built by the car company in the middle of the desert, complete with a pizza oven. Andrei worked for Forte, Pizza Express and Corney and Barrow before opening his own business.

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All the nice girls love a Jolly Sailor…

28 Sep 2016

Yes, Summer’s waning… ok, it’s properly Autumn already… but that’s no reason not to head off for a cheeky weekend — love a short break, me. If you’re headed Norfolk-wards (or should that be Norfolk Broads?), then Jo of Muddy Norfolk has the perfect pub to please you and any stray kids you’ve not managed to shake off…

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Al fresco lunching, Art Deco style

21 May 2016

There’s something glorious, I think, about eating outdoors. I’m a big fan of that whole European thing of pavement cafes and big umbrellas and so on. The chance to get that whole feeling closer to home is not to be turned down, so on a recent sunny day, I grabbed my sunglasses, headed over to The Gatsby in Berkhamsted for a working (honest…) lunch and reveled in a spot of al fresco dining with my Dhrooti, who works with me here on Muddy Herts…

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