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Al fresco lunching, Art Deco style

21 May 2016

There’s something glorious, I think, about eating outdoors. I’m a big fan of that whole European thing of pavement cafes and big umbrellas and so on. The chance to get that whole feeling closer to home is not to be turned down, so on a recent sunny day, I grabbed my sunglasses, headed over to The Gatsby in Berkhamsted for a working (honest…) lunch and reveled in a spot of al fresco dining with my Dhrooti, who works with me here on Muddy Herts…

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Gem of a gastropub on the South Downs

8 Jul 2015

I popped down to the South coast recently to catch up with my friend Fran, who I’ve known since, er, 19-something-other when we were both barely knee-high to a grasshopper if we stood one on top of the other. Lots of chat, lots of wine, you know how it goes. We took the opportunity to try out the Earl of March in Lavant, near Chichester – and what a treat that was….

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Welcome to your new home, Porters!

27 Jun 2015

There had been a load of speculation about who would end up in the glass-walled corner unit of the recent development on Berkhamsted High Street. After Costa and M&S took the other two units, it looked like another chain (yawn) might be on its way. Imagine the excitement, then, when Porters, an independent restaurant that had been cooking up deliciousness in the heart of London for more than 35 years, announced that it was relocating to the town….

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Lovely restaurant for a lunch date

17 Dec 2014

I actually managed two amazing things the other day.  First, I persuaded my husband to take half a day off work and come out for lunch with me – and second, I bagged what I think was probably the last available table at The Fox and Hounds in Hunsdon.  A food-loving friend of mine had recommended the Fox and Hounds a while ago, so I was looking forward to eating there – and, of course, to sneaking in a rare child-free hour or two with my husband at the same time.

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Get away: The perfect hotel for R&R

12 Nov 2014


Howard’s House is a very sweet hotel in a tiny Wiltshire village called Teffont Evias (and no, I don’t know how to pronounce it either), not far from Salisbury. The village is mostly a church, a stream, lots of cows, and the hotel, but that’s sort of the point. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for curling up on the sofa and waiting for someone else to sort out the log fire.

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Sushi? In Berkhamsted? Yes please!

11 Nov 2014

Every so often, I just need a big city fix. Usually that involves 40 minutes on the train into London, just enough culture to say we’ve been there done that, and then far too many cocktails with my much-more-glam-than-me friend Kate. And if there’s food involved, then it’s probably sushi because it’s just about my favourite food in the whole world.

Now – hoorah! – I’ll only have to whizz into Berkhamsted to get my sushi kicks.

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