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She Inspires Me, St Francis’ College

8 Mar 2017

To celebrate International Women’s Day, St Francis’ College Letchworth invited three inspiring women to talk to the students, parents and teachers at the school. The event was also open to the good people of Letchworth, and the house was full.

Speak. Do not remain silent.

First up was Dr Preti Taneja, who went to school at St Francis’. Preti is a writer, journalist, broadcaster and human rights advocate.

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20 Feb 2017

What? Where?

St Francis’ College is an independent day and boarding school for girls aged 3-18 in Letchworth Garden City. St Francis’ College is in a building that typifies Letchworth: attractive, thoughtfully designed and solidly built; in a safe and very green residential environment, but at the same time less than 10 minutes’ walk into town. It’s ten minutes from Junction 9 on the A1, and roughly an equal distance between London and Cambridge.

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Review: Aylesbury Grammar School Sixth Form

26 Jan 2017

In my day, back when mullets were the vogue and Simon Le Bon was plastered across the common room, it was rare to move schools for Sixth Form – it was never offered as an option to me. But parents these days are much more willing to chop and change schools to suit their children’s needs, and actually schools themselves are often eager to bring in some new blood for the Sixth Form.

So with this in mind this is the first in a series of Sixth Form reviews to help you make informed decisions about potential next steps.

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Muddy Herts School Guide #2: Duncombe School, Hertford

30 Sep 2016

We’re lucky in Herts to have a wide range of independent schools to choose from — both prep schools and senior schools. Duncombe School, over in Hertford, is a little gem — but it’s a school you could drive past and not even know that it’s there. I went to have a look around recently, and I liked what I saw…

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