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Muddy meets James Mayhew

17 Feb 2017

James Mayhew is the illustrator of the best-selling children’s books Katie and Ella Bella. He studied illustration at Maidstone College of Art and his first book, Katie’s Picture Show, was published in 1989 and is still in print. There is a wonderful display of his books at the equally wonderful David’s Bookshop in Letchworth. On Sunday 5 March, James is performing with Realm of Music at the new Broadway Theatre.

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‘Seeing it Through’ in Herts

7 Oct 2016

Seeing It Through is a new play from Hertford-based Pins & Feathers Productions. It tells stories — surprising, moving, engaging — from home-front Herts. The stories are taken from real life accounts of life from 1914-1918, and give an insight — an entertaining and moving one — into what wartime life was like locally…

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A Man About the Garden: Joe Swift at Hertford Theatre

24 Sep 2016

Love a bit of Gardners’ World on the telly? GQT on the radio? Have to admit, gardening shows are a bit of a guilty pleasure here at Muddy Towers — although my predilection for gardening is more about voyeurism than actual doing of things. I like admiring other people’s perfect plots — and, occasionally, watching Mr C while he’s doing a spot of weeding. (You’ve missed one, my muddy love…)

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