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Dammit, Janet — it’s The Rocky Horror Show

15 Jul 2016

Chatting about this and that with Amber over at Muddy Surrey, we got onto the topic of the Rocky Horror Show. While I was getting all excited about it coming to Watford this week, she’d already been revelling in its camped-up naughtiness down in Woking. And — what’s more — she was a Rocky virgin. *gasp* Here’s what she thought…

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The Barber of …. er… Salisbury?

20 Jun 2016

Next week, Hertford Theatre is staging its first live opera — Rossini’s Barber of Seville. No, no, don’t stop reading… I know opera sometimes isn’t for everyone — but this one really, really is. It’s up close, it’s personal, it’s in English and (get this) it’s properly funny. And it’s a perfect way in if you’ve thought opera wasn’t for you…

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To Bard, or not to Bard? That *is* the question…

18 Apr 2016

In case you don’t already know, this year is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. And there’s loads going on – literally loads – to mark this momentous occasion. Because we’re proper cultured here at Muddy Herts, we’ve put together your very own guide to what’s happening locally Bard-wise – so it’s time to pop on your doublet and hose (you do have some, right?), polish up your iambic pentameter, and start asking to Bard… or not to Bard…? That is, after all, the question….

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