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Happy glampers

20 Mar 2017

I’ve only just discovered Home Farm Glamping, which is so far south in the county, it’s practically in London. Yet just look at the location. It’s got Aldenham Country Park on one side and its very own river for fishing on the other. Designed with a nod to those of us who panic when our iPhone is running out of juice, this is the kind of glamping where those minor details have been thought through.

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A holiday less ordinary

13 Mar 2017

Love a luxe break? A sucker for heritage holiday rentals? Or is it all about the location? They all have their place but, for pure fun value, there’s little that can beat a really quirky stay.  My fellow Muddy editors in counties from Cornwall to Norfolk, Kent to Warwickshire, have each found two brilliant, alternative properties with which to whet your travel appetite. And if you know a fantastic quirky stay somewhere that you think should be included, please comment in the box below – let’s share the knowledge!

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Win this £800 stay at Another Place The Lake!

3 Feb 2017

We do try to push the boat out on prizes for you to win, but we’ve had we had one so delicious it was literally bobbing over the water. But check out this lakeside view!

Another Place The Lake in Ullswater in the Lake District is the most ridiculously gorgeous, luxurious, stylish hotel we’ve seen in a very long time and we’ve nabbed a two night stay, worth nearly £800, for one lucky Muddy reader (and your plus one obvs).

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Early bird Muddy summer festival guide. Book now!

16 Jan 2017

The music festival season feels a long, long way off right now (although we wouldn’t say no to a pear cider if you’re offering) but these days you’ve got to book mega early if you want to be happy campers come summer. Many of the biggies sell out in a flash – we haven’t managed to score Glastonbury tickets for years – but the good news is lots of the local events still have availability and most of them are family friendly.

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The Muddy Guide to Thanksgiving

23 Nov 2016

For our friends across the pond, this Thursday is one of the most important days in their year – Thanksgiving. It’s bigger than Christmas for many American families, with people coming together from miles to spend the day together.  I lived in the USA for a few years — but Zoe, sometime contributor to Muddy Surrey, was there for longer than me, and she’s put together this oh-so-handy guide to all things Thanksgiving.  

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Muddying around in Toronto the Good

17 Sep 2016

Toronto might not be top of the list for North American city breaks – I mean, there’s New York just down the coast (well, quite a way down but, y’know), or DC with its museums a bit further down still. And there are West Coast cities like Seattle and Vancouver with the ocean and the mountains. There’s Montreal with its French vibe and nightlife. And then there’s Toronto, with its CN Tower – tallest freestanding structure in the world, doncha know – and … well, and… um…

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Edinburgh: How to Get the Best from the Fest

25 Jul 2016

Ok, I wouldn’t tell just anyone this, but I have never been to the Edinburgh Fringe. I know, right. I like to think of myself as a fairly cultured. cosmopolitan soul, but … well … apparently there’s an Edinburgh-shaped hole in my sense of self. However, Debbie, down in Muddy Sussex, knows all about it — so I’ve been busy picking up tips from here for when I finally make it there for myself. Even if you’re a serious Fringe-ite, I reckon there’s plenty in here for you, too…

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