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Edinburgh: How to Get the Best from the Fest

25 Jul 2016

Ok, I wouldn’t tell just anyone this, but I have never been to the Edinburgh Fringe. I know, right. I like to think of myself as a fairly cultured. cosmopolitan soul, but … well … apparently there’s an Edinburgh-shaped hole in my sense of self. However, Debbie, down in Muddy Sussex, knows all about it — so I’ve been busy picking up tips from here for when I finally make it there for myself. Even if you’re a serious Fringe-ite, I reckon there’s plenty in here for you, too…

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Perfect Stays in Devon and Cornwall? Yes please!

26 May 2016

With half term on the horizon, thoughts are inevitably turning to getting away and having a jolly good break from it all. In her unrelenting search for the perfect hollibobs, Hero over at Muddy Bucks and Oxon has been searching out some of the loveliest places to spend a week or so in this country. Let’s check them out, Herts’ters. There are some absolute beauties…

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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

22 Feb 2015

The seaside? In February? I know. Yes, I would rather be somewhere sunny and warm, but I’ve just spent a rather jolly long weekend by the sea – the grey, churning sea and the pebble beach at Hastings. And yes, I had about seven layers on at all times, but we had a blast, it was an easy last-minute break just over a couple of hours drive away, the kids loved it — and so did we…

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Get away: The perfect hotel for R&R

12 Nov 2014


Howard’s House is a very sweet hotel in a tiny Wiltshire village called Teffont Evias (and no, I don’t know how to pronounce it either), not far from Salisbury. The village is mostly a church, a stream, lots of cows, and the hotel, but that’s sort of the point. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for curling up on the sofa and waiting for someone else to sort out the log fire.

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