Loving those lashes

I’ve never paid much attention to my eyelashes, to be honest.  Both my children have insanely long eyelashes, but people tend to ask ‘where on earth did they get those from?’ when they look at me – rather than proceeding to compliment me on mine.  They’re short, they’re sorta stubby, and they’re just there.


Not any more, mind you.  Katie Hill, of the newly revamped Totality Day Spa in Tring, suggested I had a go with the Blink + Go cluster lashes that they use there, and I tell you: I’m never looking back.  Well, perhaps just once – but only to flutter my now much-more-dramatic lashes at whoever’s watching.

totality 1

Loving the new purple and grey colour scheme at Totality

It took no time at all – about 20 minutes, maybe? – and they’re lasting brilliantly so far.  I had them done 5 days ago, and only one little tiny bit has come loose – but the clusters are so small and neat that wasn’t really noticeable.  And, to be fair, it was all about me rubbing my eye (which I was) rather than it not being on properly.

totality 2

I went for mostly short with a couple of medium at the edges (I’m such a daredevil!)

Once I got over the deeply weird feeling of someone aiming a pair of tweezers towards my eyelids – and began to trust the incredibly steady hand that was holding them – it felt absolutely fine.  The little clusters of lashes are fitted in between your own lashes, rather than onto your skin, and I don’t notice them at all now they’re on.  I thought I’d be really aware of them all the time, but I’m absolutely not.

before and after

Ok, ignore the wrinkles — this is me before… and after…

They have other lash choices – especially what with it being party season and all.  You can plump for LVL lashes, which sets your lashes (sort of like a perm, right?) and then tints them.  Length, volume, lift – get it?  LVL?   There are the Blink + Go cluster lashes, which I had.  And then there’s the regular strip lashes, which are the one-night-stand of the three – pop ‘em on, flutter ‘em wildly, peel ‘em off.

 cluster lashes

I’m quite liking my new, longer lashes, to be honest – and it’ll be a shame to have to head back to get them removed soon.  They should last, so I’m told, up to about 2 weeks – if I’m careful – which is a total bargain, given that they’re only £25 a pop.  Question is, can I fit all my Christmas socializing into the next week or so?  Worth a try…


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