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Treat yourself to a cheeky facial

Cheek in Kings Langley is one of those places that looks tiny from the front – it’s a gorgeous shop front, but it doesn’t look huge – but then you go inside and it seems to get bigger as if by magic.


Cheek is right there on the High Street in Kings Langley — which is worth a look if you’ve not been before, or haven’t been there for a while.  Lots of independent shops, the odd good restaurant, and at least a couple of places to get a really great cup of coffee.  I pop along there every so often — free parking (yes, really) and plenty to browse is a winning combo for killing a couple of hours in my book!


Cheek’s been there a while now, moving down from their original location in an old service station to much lovelier premises in town.  The upstairs rooms are all high ceilings and original fireplaces, and have been decorated so that it all feels very luxurious and lovely.  I sat and talked through the treatment with Diana, one of their staff who specialises in their Crystal Clear microdermabrasion facials, on a very glam velvet-covered couch, over a cup of tea.  Great way to begin.



The microdermabrasion works by gliding tiny crystals over the skin, lifting off all the dead skin cells that accumulate if (like me) you don’t exfoliate as frequently as you should (I know, I’m terrible).  Diana showed me what it would feel like on the back of my hand first – after seeing the look on my face when she was describing it.  I’ve definitely watched too many of those extreme makeover programmes on the telly and had visions of being properly scoured and sanded.  It wasn’t like that at all, though.  The closest thing I can liken it to was when they clean your teeth at the hygienist with that gritty stuff that tastes horrid.  Only much smoother, not in your mouth (obvs), and no one is lecturing you about flossing daily at the same time.


While the post-scouring cooling mask was working its magic, I had the choice of three kinds of massage – arms, shoulders, or head and shoulders.  I opted for the shoulders, and it was utterly blissful.  The microdermabrasion facial isn’t really your usual relaxing spa facial experience, but the massage made it something much closer to that – and it was great.


Once the mask was off, I had a peek in the mirror – still, if I’m honest, half expecting to see a very red face and wondering what the person I was meeting straight after would have to say when I turned up looking like a tomato.  I was pleasantly surprised, however.  Nothing tomato-esque at all.  My face just looked really clean and clear.  Diana pointed out some areas which would need a bit more attention – and suggested what I could be doing at home to help that (she properly knows her stuff) – and then popped on some tinted moisturiser with SPF 30 so that everything just evened out a bit.  So, I left looking lovely (if I say so myself…) and feeling my skin still tingling, in a good way, from having a good old clear out.


I definitely saw a difference in my skin after just one treatment, so heaven knows how fab I’d look after the course of 6 – or even 10 – that they recommend.  (I’d be a goddess….)  And what they do, throughout the course, is customise what they’re doing to the particular requirements of your skin, making the whole thing propely bespoke.  Even with the just the one treatment, I really felt that Diana was looking very carefully at what my skin in particular needed.


I also didn’t expect to feel as relaxed as I did during the process.  I went in, I think, seeing it as something more practical, something that needed doing (I’m not as young as I was, you know…), but the whole atmosphere, the rooms, the massage, the lot, combined to make it a real pleasure as well.  I left feeling great.  And looking, I like to think, even lovelier than usual…


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