• Edinburgh: How to Get the Best from the Fest

    Ok, I wouldn’t tell just anyone this, but I have never been to the Edinburgh Fringe. I know, right. I like to think of myself as a fairly cultured. cosmopolitan soul, but … well … apparently there’s an Edinburgh-shaped hole in my sense of self. However, Debbie, down in Muddy Sussex, knows all about it — so I’ve been busy picking up tips from here for when I finally make it there for myself. Even if you’re a serious Fringe-ite, I reckon there’s plenty in here for you, too…

  • My Fave Places: Kelly O’Brien

    Ok, so maybe the picturesque village of Aldbury, with its duck pond and its stocks, doesn’t immediately seem to have much in common with Nashville, Tennessee. But I bet you didn’t know that as well as the ducks it’s also home to the national winner of this year’s Best Dolly Parton Tribute Act….

  • #whatIreallyreallywant: A New Generation of Girl Power

    We Muddy eds spend a fair old time on Twitter, and the lovely Lou, down in Muddy Cornwall, spotted this — and shared it with us all. If you’ve not seen it already, check this out — and I bet you’ll be singing it all day…

  • Stand by your picnic hampers — we have our winners!

    Got your fingers crossed? I’ve been rootling around in the official Muddy Hat and we have not one but two winners!

  • Win tickets! Outdoor music, here you come…

    Get your lucky socks on, lovelies — fancy a quick competition to liven up these rainy days? Course you do. And I’ve got not one but… count ’em… two prizes for two lucky peeps…

  • World-class chamber music, right here in Herts

    There’s something deliciously intimate about the CHROMA concerts in the Greene Room upstairs at Berkhamsted’s Kings Arms. It’s chamber music as you sort of imagine it began – a small ensemble, lit by lamps and candlelight, with the audience seated all around them. It’s actually quite magical. And even more so when you reflect on the calibre of musicians you’re getting up close to…

  • To Bard, or not to Bard? That *is* the question…

    In case you don’t already know, this year is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. And there’s loads going on – literally loads – to mark this momentous occasion. Because we’re proper cultured here at Muddy Herts, we’ve put together your very own guide to what’s happening locally Bard-wise – so it’s time to pop on your doublet and hose (you do have some, right?), polish up your iambic pentameter, and start asking to Bard… or not to Bard…? That is, after all, the question….

  • Bye-bye Bellowhead….

    I am gutted that I hadn’t heard of Bellowhead until – crap timing, indeed – they were announcing their farewell tour. Split up when I’ve only just discovered them? How very, very dare they…?

  • Hampers and Champers

    As outdoor venues go, you really can’t beat a stately home as a backdrop. Last weekend’s Battle Proms at Blenheim Palace was a brilliant evening out for me, Mr C and our eldest, and they’re repeating the whole thing, cannons and all, at Hatfield House here in Herts this coming weekend. And there are still tickets going….

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