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Wouldn’t You Though?

OK, you’re either going to love these Creature Cups – or you’re going to be completely creeped out by them….

WYT product_lobster_red


I think they’re hilarious, myself.  Not sure I’m as keen on some of them as I am on others, but some of them I just love.

WYT product_owl

And isn’t there a small dinosaur fan in your life that you can imagine squealing with delight at finding a T-Rex at the bottom of her hot chocolate?  Or a triceratops in his milk?

WYT product_trexWYT product_triceratops_red

They have three ranges: Sea, Earth and – brace yourself – Creepy.  And the mugs come in quite a limited range of colours on the outside: Sea creatures are stormy blue, Earth creatures are cobalt blue, and Creepy creatures are black.  And there are some limited edition red ones which I quite fancy.

WYT product_shark_red
So, would it freak you out to have a frog turning up in your tea?  Or a lobster loitering in your latte?

WYT product_frog

They’re an American brand, but you can mail order them.  I don’t think there’s a UK stockist yet, more’s the pity.

WYT product_rabbit
So, yay or nay?  They get my vote but I can see why they wouldn’t be everyone’s … er … cup of tea (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself).

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2 comments on “Wouldn’t You Though?”

  • Anne Ager September 19, 2015

    Love all the Creature Cups …. especially the lobster one!!

    • pippachappell September 23, 2015

      Me too! I quite like the owl, too. There’s a spider, too, but I didn’t include that one as it’s quite…. er… realistic!


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