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Blackfish swimwear

Muddy says: we reviewed Blackfish swimwear and gave the tankini and leggings a fins up as we powered through the water feeling lithe. Blackfish swimwear has been designed to create a second skin to boost performance and confidence. It works!

Blackfish swimwear is as much loved by women who love their swimming and want to improve on their personal bests, as it is by women who swim leisurely laps and are looking for a streamlined sporty swimsuit in a contemporary design.

Blackfish swimwear draws on the best technical aspects of competitive swimsuits, muscle compression fabric, tailored panelling, double layered panels and flat lock stitching but in a contemporary classic design and stylish easy to wear separates that has every woman in mind.

These are performance and figure enhancing swimsuits designed to streamline the body.  The lightweight and elastic compression fabric gives the wearer a second skin sculpted fit and improves fitness and muscle toning by reducing muscle strain and lactic acid build up.

They are great for the thrice weekly swimmer who wants to optimise their swim routine via the muscular compression fabric as well as being ideal for the casual enthusiast who wants a little extra sporty “va va voom!” in the pool.

We have had some lovely press coverage from Muddy and have been Fitness Hero of the Month in Top Santé but what counts most to us is our customer reviews and that we might have reignited someone’s passion for swimming or helped someone to get the most from their swimming.

Here is some of the lovely feedback we’ve had…

“I feel like a Bond girl when I get out of the pool!”

“I feel amazing wearing this, and yesterday during the walk that I used to dread from the changing room to the pool – I received two compliments! Two!

I love my new vest and Capri pants! The quality of the fabric and stitching is great and I feel very toned and confident when swimming – they are helping me to rediscover my inner Sporty Spice!

“I am not an athlete but I felt like one in my Blackfish tankini and shorts…this has transformed my experience of swimming!

“Love your swimwear… you have inspired me to venture into a pool again!”

4 comments on “Blackfish swimwear”

  • Rachael May 16, 2017

    I have the swim leggings and a tankini top which I wear to the local pool for a serious swim but also to the beach under a cotton tunic and flip flops. They are beautifully made and I love them because they make me feel confident and super-sporty (a new feeling for me!). I have been searching for a product like this for many years and I wholeheartedly recommend them!

    • Lisa May 19, 2017

      Thank you so much Rachael for the lovely feedback. I’m totally thrilled you are loving your swimwear. I’m also a complete addict of that sporty feeling that you get from the swimwear! Great beachwear accessory tips too! Thanks Lisa Blackfish x

  • Nicola May 19, 2017

    I purchased the long swim leggings and tankini top for swimming in the local pool as well as the beach. They are really well made, and such a great alternative to the rest of the swim wear that is available on the market. I feel great wearing them and as an extra plus I really think they help my swimming technique. I have struggled with ‘draggy legs’ hampering my front crawl so much so that I had given up trying to improve. The first time I wore my blackfish leggings in the pool I felt amazingly stream lined and swimming was actually less effort. Really enjoy my sessions in the pool now. Highly recommend this fabulous swimwear.

    • Lisa May 19, 2017

      Such fantastic feedback Nicola thank you. I’m delighted they’ve helped your front crawl technique. The compression fabric is designed to give you more muscle awareness and control over your posture and technique and to boost tone, it’s always lovely to hear they are doing their job properly! Thanks Lisa Blackfish x


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