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Haelan Therapy is a holistic therapy centre established in 2012 by Rebecca Kelly.  It has two treatment rooms based in Hitchin and at the Learning to Listen Centre in St Paul’s Walden, Hertfordshire.  Haelan specialises in Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Transformational Coaching and Equine Facilitated Coaching.

Haelan’s philosophy is simple.  We recognise that the most important element in any treatment is YOU.  We place our client’s wellbeing at the core of our work and take an approach which empowers our clients to be in control of their health and happiness.  Our belief is that for anyone to be able to move away from physical and emotional discomfort and to move forward in their lives, they need to first feel safe and secure in a healing environment, begin to understand their emotional make-up and appreciate what ultimately motivates them to be the very best they can be.

Rebecca Kelly and Johanna Osborn together are Haelan Therapy.  As experienced therapists trained in Massage and Reflexology (Rebecca), Energy Healing (Johanna), and Reiki and Transformational Coaching (both), they draw upon this wealth of knowledge to provide their clients with relaxing and rejuvenating treatments…ideal for anyone who is simply looking for some ‘me time’ and has a vested interest in their wellbeing.  Clients can also choose, if they wish, to take their treatments to the next level of deep awareness and awakening with the Haelan Combined Treatment.  This treatment is unique by the way in which Rebecca and Jo combine their wisdom of transformational coaching with the powerful emotional-physical healing of either Massage, Reflexology or Reiki.

“I am not sure I can fully express how much Rebecca has helped me.  Through her excellent massage therapy and life coaching skills, as well as always considering me as a ‘whole’, she has been able to guide me through overcoming deeper emotional issues that have impacted on my mental and physical health.”

“My sessions with Jo feel like a real treat, taking time just for me.   Jo made me feel very relaxed.  She took time to listen to my concerns and tailored the treatment to meet my needs.  I can’t wait to book my next treatment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Rebecca and Jo are also trained Equine Facilitated Coaches and provide 1-2-1 sessions in association with Learning to Listen.  Equine Facilitated Coaching (EFC) is an emerging field in the world of personal development.  EFC is unique by the way it uses horse to help people work through their problems, issues and fears.  Horses have a great intuitive ability to mirror our energy and can communicate this through their body movements.  In the same way that Transformational Coaching can truly awaken who you really are and where you want to be, EFC takes this one step further allowing for ‘in the moment feedback’ from the horse to the client.  The wisdom of the horse is second to none.  EFC sessions are truly powerful and transformational and can be provided on a 1-2-1 basis or in groups as part of an Equine Facilitated Learning Programme via the Warrior Programme.

Rebecca and Jo very much look forward to meeting you soon.  Please do get in contact to discuss your wellbeing needs.

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