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​After 20 years in the corporate world I finally took the plunge and qualified as a personal trainer then jacked in the salaried job to do what I love. I am passionate about sport and health and with many years of competitive sporting experience to share, I will help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals for life. I strongly believe that it is important to have a balance of different types of exercise to be healthy, lean and strong – endurance, weights, sprints, HIIT, stretching, core strengthening. All of it!


I don’t believe in faddy diets or unrealistic exercise regimes but I DO believe in hard work, grit and determination, and that you’ve got to put in some good solid and consistent effort to achieve your goals.


I offer 121 personal training at my studio in Rickmansworth, using a variety of equipment such as your own body weight, kettle bells, TRX, steps, skipping ropes, free weights, cable machines and a rowing machine.


I also work closely with Three Rivers Council delivering local beginner and intermediate running groups, Nordic Walking and in April 2016 a womens only beginners triathlon course.


Alison Smith

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