The Joy Salem Touch

Joy Salem is a truly holistic practitioner, offering a combination of facial and emotional therapy.  The better we feel, the better we look – and the better we look, the better we feel.  Joy Salem helps you do both.

Joy brings years of experience across a range of fields – as well as a sincere and passionate love for what she does – to every appointment with every client. She works not only on your exterior, helping your skin look and feel its best, keeping wrinkles at bay and working against the forces of ageing and gravity, but also on your interior, helping you acknowledge the effect your emotional experiences, stresses and concerns are having on how you live and how you look.

She offers conventional treatments for both body and face, incorporating ultrasound, Ultratone bio-stimulation, facial manipulation and lymphatic drainage – always working to ensure that the treatments are targeted and effective for your particular needs.  Alongside all this, she offers emotional balancing, while drawing on her extensive experience with EFT, Theta Healing, Chakra balancing, kinesiology, flower remedies, and so much more.

“Joy started off with ultrasound on my face which immediately showed a huge difference. My skin felt firmer, more hydrated and supple. Then she massaged my face (she says “hands on”) which is heaven!. She did lymph drainage which appeared to “tone” the muscles on my face. Joy first concentrated on one side and we then looked in the mirror to see the difference between the two sides. Well… the difference was huge! One side seemed “lifted” while the other seemed to be sagging.  Joy always takes her time (which nowadays is so precious), talks to you, gives you advice on how one should treat the face and you are feeling like you are having a very special treat.”

“She is keen to ensure you enjoy each session which is tailored to your needs on that day. She has so many tools and techniques at her disposal that there isn’t much she won’t tackle in terms of health and well being. She firmly believes that all of this is at the root of anything that may be showing up on your face,  be it wrinkles, blemishes or a sagging jaw line.”

Joy worked at the Hale Clinic in London for many years, before moving her practice to a light and airy treatment room in her home in Radlett, close to the M1 and M25 and easily accessible from Borehamwood, Shenley, Watford, Stanmore, St Albans, Edgware, Harrow, Potters Bar, Barnet, Bushey, Elstree, London Colney and Mill Hill.

2 comments on “The Joy Salem Touch”

  • Kim Durham July 2, 2015

    Joy’s skill and expertise sounds wonderful! To have a complete body and soul therapist sounds very unique 🙂

    • pippachappell July 3, 2015

      Joy is definitely unique! Compassionate, caring, and very experienced. You should try her out, Kim!


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