Sizzling styles for Spring and — squeak! — Summer

Now that Spring seems properly to be Springing, thoughts are turning to what to wear now that we’re all emerging, pale and blinking, into the light after a properly grey winter.  But there’s also that new look for your hair to think about – which Spring-Summer styles are already heating up the catwalks and will be coming soon to salons near you.

atelier 7

So – curious cat that I am – I popped along to Atelier Hairdressing and Beauty Rooms, Redbourn’s stylish salon and a finalist in last year’s Muddy Herts Awards, to see what they reckon are the hottest new styles this season.

atelier 6

It’s a lovely salon, if you’ve not been before.  Hairdressing downstairs, beauty rooms upstairs, and a really warm welcome.  And if you go in the afternoon, the sun streams in through the front windows and you can pretend you’re somewhere warm and exotic.  Not that Redbourn isn’t lovely enough, mind you.

You’ll be pleased – well, I was – to know that the Spring-Summer styles are all about looking relaxed, rather than too structured.  The team there talked me through the 3 styles that you’re going to be seeing everywhere – and they’re gorgeous.  It’s all got me wishing my hair was long again – although at least one of them can be adapted for a longer bob or mid-length hair.

So, what are Atelier’s top three, you ask?  Here you go…

Beach Waves

beach 1

Oh yeah.  Think sun-kissed beaches, salty air, and endless summer days.  Or that festival look – all bo-ho and designer wellies.  It’s about not having perfect, immaculate hair (thank heavens), but instead having textured, relaxed hair that is gorgeous without being over ‘done.’

atelier 2

The best bit of advice that the team had for styling your hair like this is to curl it first, then use the straighteners on big sections – don’t shilly-shally about with little bits – and alternate the direction you’re working in.  Then give it a good shake out, raking it through with your fingers.  Maybe pull back a couple of tiny sections from the sides to give it some shape, but staying with the casual vibe – and off you go!

Rope Twist

rope braid

No, not a circus act.  It’s a gorgeous variation on your regular ponytail or braid, and it’s been all over the catwalks in the SS16 shows.  Looks fab, too.  And it’s easy.  Well, it looked easy when the team at Atelier were doing it…

Ok…  follow me…  High ponytail?  Divide it in two, then just twist the sections round and round in the same direction.  Once they’re twisted, wrap them round each other in the opposite direction – following? – and then secure at the bottom.  Then you can wrap a little bit round to hide the band, if you like.

atelier 5

You can also work it along the side of your head, if you want, like a French braid bringing in bits all along the length of the twist – and that looks proper stylish.  If I had hair this long, which I like never will again, I would definitely be doing this one.  It’s gorgeous, looks more complicated than it is, and just styles up the whole ponytail thing beautifully.

atelier 3

Looped Ponytail

This is the easiest of the 3 – hoorah – and definitely one you’ll be familiar with if you’ve got long hair.  It’s been all over the catwalks and shows no sign of going away any time soon, so they tell me.

looped ponytail

You can wear it pretty much any way you like – high, low, rough, smooth, whatever.  Big loose loop, smaller tighter one.  You’re good to go, whatever.  It’s easy and it’s casual.  Oh, and you end up looking gorgeous.  Result.

Of course, if you need a bit of a hand with your twists – or want some help riding those waves – the friendly team at Atelier are all about sharing the love and getting you looking your loveliest.  I left there after a quick wash and blow dry feeling all sleek and shiny – and very well looked after.

atelier 1

And they’re serious colour specialists, too.  So if you fancy adding in some ombre variations to your beach waves to complete the whole sun-bleached look, they’re definitely the place to go.

Bring on those sunny days!



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