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September resolutions

Feeling perky after the holidays? September is the best time to make resolutions.

September. It’s the perfect month for resolutions. It’s not too cold, not too dark, and with any luck, you’ll still have a bit of zing in you after summer, whether you were sunning yourself in Portugal or striding up the Shropshire Hills. Have you made any post-summer promises to yourself? They could be work related, or personal. If you have your own business, sometimes a holiday is the perfect opportunity to re-group and vow to make one or two changes. I asked some business owners and Muddy readers whether they had made any resolutions. This is what they said:

Stand up

My September resolution is to go to the sailing club on Saturday mornings to practise my stand-up paddling. I’ve just come back from holiday at the National Water Sports Centre where I was able to tick my New Year’s resolution box from last Christmas: to try stand-up paddle boarding. On holiday, I finally stood up on a board! I loved it. It’s a laugh and really good for building core strength. Ultimately you can take your board out and paddle down a river to a pub for lunch which sounds pretty close to perfect to me. My paddle skills do need some work, so for the next few months I’m going to be practising them every week. Lisa Montague, Blackfish Swimwear, Hitchin.

Blackfish Swimwear                                                                                        Photo: Sharon Cooper

Make time

Having moved countries and set up home in a new place with my young family while also running my business, 2017 has been pretty busy, and time for me has been limited. I have set myself a target of going for a run and doing a yoga class at least once a week. It may not seem much, but it always seems to be the thing that slips first if I’m busy. Exercise is my way of relieving stress and I really feel it if I don’t do it, so my first September resolution is to keep this up for the rest of the year!  Sarah Cooke, Halia Rose, Berkhamsted.

Sarah Cooke, Halia Rose

Manage your energy

When you work for yourself, being positive and full of energy is essential. For me this is all about sleep and exercise and getting to the pool or the gym first thing in the morning. So I’ve resolved to go every morning, not just three or four times a week. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s hard to drag my sorry butt out of bed at 6am! But it is completely worth it: I have heaps of energy afterwards to work fast and smart and I’m back home in time for breakfast with the kids and getting them off to school. It’s all those things you know are true: it’s good to prioritise your health and yourself sometimes, also I’m simply a nicer person after exercise, there are quite a few people who would testify to that! Lisa, Blackfish Swimwear.

Blackfish Swimwear                                                                                                     Photo: Sharon Cooper


I have made a commitment to listen to myself more and make decisions based on how I am feeling rather that what I think I need to be doing. I have come back from the summer holiday to the start of the new term with a renewed sense of value for myself. We went sailing in Greece and while we were out at sea, I had the time to breathe in the air and simply listen. Rebecca Kelly, Haelan Therapy, Hitchin.

Rebecca Kelly, Haelan Therapy

Try new recipes

I love cooking and trying new flavours. In the summer I love to eat salads but as the colder months draw nearer, I would typically resort to more comfort-style foods. I am going to try at least one new recipe a week to keep things healthy and interesting! My most recent attempt is Singaporean Laksa. Sarah, Halia Rose.

Work more

We’re now open on Sundays! I went to Portugal on holiday, to Dunas Douradas, which is a beautiful place, although the sea is freezing! The holiday went in a blink. I had time to jump in the pool for a swim and that was about it. So my September resolution is to keep working and work even more! Sharon McIlroy, Amelie, Berkhamsted.

The Algarve. Beautiful beaches. Freezing cold water.                                                 Photo: Sharon McIlroy

Slow down

I want to take life at a slower pace. I’m going to look at my diary and plan in some time to pause, and I already have a list of where I can make a few changes in both my work and personal life to achieve this. By giving myself more time to pause and reflect, I believe I will be able to make clearer in-the-moment decisions and spend less time over thinking, worrying whether I have done the right thing, procrastinating or simply putting things off. And yes, already that feels a lot better! Rebecca, Haelan Therapy.

Have you made any September resolutions? We’d love to hear from you!  Thank you to Lisa, Blackfish Swimwear; Sarah, Halia Rose; Sharon, Amelie and Rebecca, Haelan Therapy.

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  • sallieaylott September 6, 2017

    This article is making me think of my own? Slow down is definitely up there!


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