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It’s been a while since I’ve had a teething baby, but I well remember the endless gumming away at whatever they can get their pudgy wee mitts on.  This colourful and chewable — yes, chewable — jewellery looks like a perfect and unusually stylish solution to all that.

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They’re all made from 100% food-grade silicone beads — the same stuff dummy and bottle nipples, or your fancy silicone spatulas, are made from — and the pull-apart clasp means they won’t break if the little lovely tugs too hard on them.  They can pop straight in the dishwasher — or they can be steam sterilized along with the bottles and so on.   And because they’re silicone, there’s no chance of mould or bacteria cropping up.

No more hunting around for that sodding giraffe.  No more feeling the bones in your knuckles grinding between their aching jaws.  You get to look effortlessly stylish AND a perfect mother — all at the same time!  Result.

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I came across them at Rosita Lollipop in Hitchin, which is a tiny treasure trove of all sorts of lovely things that you just don’t see anywhere else.  It’s all vintage gorgeousness and unusual design.  The prices for these ‘nibbling necklaces’ range from £18 up to £28 — and there are matching bracelets, too.

rosita 4

There’s a black-and-white option, but I do love the colours.  That classy pale mint green , the vivid turquoise stars and beads, and a gorgeous red.  And yes, your baby really can chew on them.   Although I’m tempted to get one myself and not let anyone chew on it….




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