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Colour It In, Sew It Up

Even though I just can’t sew, I always love popping into Fabric HQ.  It’s just so gorgeous in there, and there’s always something lovely to look at – and loads going on.  I’m definitely leaning towards their ‘Sewing Machine Start-Up’ class which is geared towards absolute beginners (me) or those who’ve lost their sewing mojo (not me – I never had one to lose).

fabric hq 4

I mean, look at it. It’s gorgeous.

Popped in the other day with my littlest, and discovered a brilliant thing for her to do that involves no sewing on my part at all – and which will be very handy for those rainy ‘what-can-I-do?’ days that are bound to happen over the long summer break.


Rae, half of the Fabric HQ team, and my little girl. Think it’s pretty clear which is which, right?

These ‘Colour Me’ fabrics are – clue’s in the name – fabrics that little people can colour in themselves.


‘To the Moon and Back’

Fabric HQ has two designs – one with planets, stars and astronauts, and one with castles, princesses and unicorns.  Three guesses which one my ultra-girly girl chose…


Yup, no prizes there.

They’re brilliant.  Completely absorbed her straight away – she does love her colouring – and there’s the promise that we’ll make something out of it when she’s finished, too.  (Well, someone will…)


Use pukka fabric pens, leave them for 24 hours before washing them, and the colours will set for good.  But be careful – the colour comes through onto the table while they’re colouring, so do put something underneath!


I’m loving them almost as much as my daughter is, and I think we’ll be heading back for the space fabric, too, once the princesses are all finished.  They’re a super-reasonable – and long-lasting – way to keep a little artist entertained, with the added challenge of sewing it up into something they can keep afterwards.


Love her dress?  Yeah, me too.  The fabric’s called Secret Garden Butterfly and is just so pretty.  Did I make it?  Er… much as I’d love to say yes… no, no I did not.  Lucky I have such clever, crafty friends, eh?

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