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ColourWheel Art Classes

Terrified by the sight of a blank canvas? Itching to get your hands moving with a piece of charcoal? Did you love drawing and painting at school but haven't lifted a brush for years? ColourWheel is guaranteed to unlock your creativity!

If you’ve ever thought of yourself as a person who can’t draw or paint, help is at hand. ColourWheel offers art classes for complete beginners in a relaxed and fun environment in Welwyn Garden City. The classes take place in the golf club, with views that might inspire you to sketch out a landscape, or perhaps you’ll want to start small – with a single flower, or even blade of grass.

ColourWheel’s approach to teaching drawing and painting is refreshingly simple. The teachers want you to enjoy yourself. Once everyone is relaxed, the next step is to encourage people to discover a love of the physicality of using a pencil, charcoal, crayon or brush to begin to play with line and mark making, colour, shape and form. Many of us have abandoned our childhood love of drawing and painting. The ColourWheel classes will unlock your creativity and you’ll be amazed to see how the hours – and decades melt away.

The atmosphere is informal; the teaching is supportive, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress. Classes run in the mornings and afternoons, in blocks of 14-week courses. As your confidence grows, you’ll probably start thinking about creating artwork as a gift for someone. Walks in the Hertfordshire countryside might become more interesting as you keep your eyes peeled for butterflies, flowers and wildlife to recreate in the next class.

So there’s no need to be scared of the blank canvas! Don a smock (this is optional), wear comfy arty footwear (also optional, heels are very acceptable) and unleash your inner artist. Welwyn Garden City’s ColourWheel is ready to welcome you!


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