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Jessica Wall, Life Coach

Muddy says: Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Wanting to make a big change in your life or sensing that your life could do with a few minor tweaks? Or you may have already made a big change, set up your own business perhaps, and now it’s hard to rationalise your new identity while still attempting to be authentic? Confused? Aren’t we all? When I met Jessica Wall, I was immediately impressed. An expert in Cognitive Behavioural Life Coaching, Jessica’s business is Breaking Down Walls.

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Jessica Wall believes in action. As a cognitive behavioural life coach, she is naturally an excellent and empathetic listener, but her approach is positively practical. Jessica sees coaching as a process to helping people develop the skills and attitudes they require to help them get the best from their life or work, and to make the right decisions to move towards their goals. She works with all ages, but speaking to her I found out that her clients currently tend to be women in mid-life, some of whom are balancing their own work lives and relationships with the challenges of caring for teenagers and ageing parents. Jessica also works a lot with teenagers. I enjoyed the time I spent with her, and she immediately put me at my ease.

She said that coaching is helping people understand their own aims and goals and to formulate what can start off as vague ideas into detailed ideas. She helps her clients to make their own personal action plans to achieve their objectives, and, guess what, she can then hold you accountable which is often the hardest part. Jessica loves her work and that shines through when you are with her. She is no stranger to anxiety in all its shapes and forms but has a wise and kind presence that is conducive to finding what you want yourself, with a person you can trust to help you along the way. Jess lives in Welwyn Garden City but works all over Hertfordshire, either in your home or in her own home, or in a neutral location. She is also skilled at working with people on the phone or via Skype.

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3 comments on “Jessica Wall, Life Coach”

  • Elena April 8, 2018

    I met Jess a couple of years ago and it was a life changing experience. She helped me to find balance and move forward with life. After working with Jess I finally found the job, I was waiting for so long. My personal life changed as well. She helped me to believe in myself. I became more confident with a “can do ” attitude.
    Jess is an amazing life and career coach! I am very grateful to her.

  • EMMA Parlow April 11, 2018

    Would highly recommend Jess, have worked with her for over a year. Her practical informal approach allows you to decide your chosen goals and over the weeks you work your way to achieving them. Whilst Jess facilitates the session you are very much in control.

  • Ana Crasi April 30, 2018

    I have been lucky enough to meet Jess in a moment when I was vulnerable – first-time mom about to look for a return to work in a new country. She helped me to find out my objectives and carefully supported me through the process of getting the results I wanted. Her sessions were incredibly powerful and every time another layer got unfolded and I left each session with specific questions to think about and also solid action points.

    I love her energy and the way she combined the tools to overcome my self-limiting beliefs. I would recommend Jess to anyone who needed some career or life balance coaching.


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