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Sushi? In Berkhamsted? Yes please!

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Every so often, I just need a big city fix. Usually that involves 40 minutes on the train into London, just enough culture to say we’ve been there done that, and then far too many cocktails with my much-more-glam-than-me friend Kate. And if there’s food involved, then it’s probably sushi because it’s just about my favourite food in the whole world.

Now – hoorah! – I’ll only have to whizz into Berkhamsted to get my sushi kicks. Zero Juice Sushi is just open on the town’s Lower Kings Road and it looks and feels like a very funky London sushi bar. It’s small, it’s perfectly formed, and it’s serving sushi that is so fresh it practically leaps off the plate.


All the sushi and sashimi are rolled and sliced right there in the tiny kitchen – worth a peek in through the window if you’re passing – and is made to order right there and then. They have a few trays ready if you’re in a rush, but either way you won’t have to wait long for something completely fresh. And they’re open seven – yes, seven – days a week, so you can satisfy those cravings pretty much any time you like.


Photo credit: Me and Mr Jones

Photo credit: Me and Mr Jones

Jack, the owner  and one of the chefs, has hot-footed it down from Manchester, where he was running his own sushi business. He rustled us up two plates of sushi and sashimi – salmon belly, tuna and yellowtail that was the tastiest  I think I’ve ever had – as well as some rolled sushi with tuna, salmon, cucumber, avocado and tamagoyaki. I wrestled my husband out of the way – I’m handy with the old chopsticks – and it was properly delicious.


Photo credit: Me and Mr Jones


Alongside the sushi, they make a good range of fresh juices in some interesting flavours. The children went for a fairly predictable No. 13 — strawberry, banana and orange – which I then proceeded to drink for them on the grounds that it was ‘research.’ I also made sure to ‘share’ my husband’s No. 12 — apple, kale, cucumber, spinach, ginger and lime – which had a real  kick, with quite a strong cucumber flavour. But my No. 10 was definitely the best, and is the owner’s favourite, too: avocado, spinach, lime and apple. Even my ten year old tried it and liked it, and getting anything green into him is a challenge that defeats me daily.

They’re getting daily deliveries of fish, fruit and veg, and someone’s always popping out to pick up spring onions or limes or whatever. You can watch the ingredients arriving, the fruit and veg being juiced, the fish being sliced, the rice being rolled. It simply couldn’t be any fresher unless they were growing it out back.

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Obviously with it only seating 14, you’ll have to take your chances on getting a table, but if you wander past and it’s looking full, fear not – Berkhamsted’s sushi saviours do takeaway boxes too…

Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, HP4 2AE. @zerojuicesushi


1 comment on “Sushi? In Berkhamsted? Yes please!”

  • Laura @ Me & Mr Jones December 28, 2014

    Hey! It’s a great place, isn’t it?! Thanks for using a couple of my photos – I still don’t think they give the food justice – as you said, the fish is so fresh it practically jumps off your plate!


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