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Cracking cupcakes – and all my own work…

It’s no secret that I’m no great shakes in the cake-decorating department.  I can bake the cakes just fine – not a problem – but when it comes to making them look pretty as well as taste good, well, the less said about my efforts, the better.

blossom 3

Look, I tried my best, ok?

Would you believe it, then, that after just an hour and a half under the expert supervision of Susan Stevenson of Hitchin’s Blossom Cakes and Bakes, I managed to produce six rather lovely looking cupcakes?  Check these beauties out….

blossom 1

Get me! Honestly, an hour and a half….

I mean, even my 11 year old was impressed – although, as he kindly pointed out, his expectations had been pretty low to start with.  I definitely amazed myself, too.

blossom 2

It wasn’t easy, but Susan – who teaches cake decorating privately and at North Herts College – was extremely patient with us, and talked us through each stage of the process, explaining not only what to do but how and why.  And is all started making sense, I started producing decorations that looked not only acceptable but actually pretty good.

blossom 4

Of course, then I compare them to Susan’s masterpieces – or should that be showstoppers…? – and everything is put right back into perspective.  But you know what?  I came out of the class with a lot more confidence – and able to pipe a buttercream swirl that actually looked like the rose it was supposed to resemble.

blossom 5

This was my first one. Honest.

I would never in a million years have thought that I would ever say that I actually enjoyed decorating cakes, but I had a brilliant evening.  The class was so relaxed – no pressure at all – and we just chatted our way through until before we knew it, we each had a box of cracking cake creations we could call our own.

P1020587 (768x1024)

Mind you, with a 5th birthday party approaching – and a very exacting little madam to please – I can’t help thinking that it’s good to know that Blossom Cakes would, if needs be, just whip up a birthday cake instead.

P1010475 (475x640)

Fancy giving it a go yourself?  Check out these Blossom Cakes classes coming up soon…

Downton cupcake designs, Sat 25 April, 10.30am-12pm

Vintage cupcake designs, Sat 9 May, 10.30am-12pm

‘Lucky Dip’ workshop, Thu 21 May, 7.30-9pm can join this class.

Toy & Monster cupcake designs, Sat 6 Jun, 10.30am-12pm

Tiffany cupcake designs, Thu 11 Jun, 7.30-9pm (This is the one I did!)

Seaside cupcake designs, Sat 27 Jun, 10.30am-12pm



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