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Better, brighter skin and no saggy bits? Yes, please!

There is no way, no how, ever, that I would consider a facelift. Nope. Not me. And then I heard about natural facelift massage. Natural? Sounds good. Massage? Love those. Facelift? Really?

Louise Claremont, a holistic health and wellness practitioner in Tring , swears by them. Not only do they deal with those inevitable saggy bits that can sneak up well before you’re expecting them – yes, I am looking more and more like my mother, thank you for noticing – but the natural facelift massage boosts circulation and drainage and so on, so it can help with things like breakouts and rosacea as well.

I’d already been paying a bit more attention to my skin with Louise Claremont’s help. She’s the nearest Skinade stockist  where I live . Skinade is chock-full of all kinds of natural things that are good for your skin – things like B vitamins, marine collagen, organic flax seed, that sort of thing – all in a handy little bottle that you can chug down every morning with your wheaties

I was just a teensy bit sceptical when Louise suggested we try it. Thing is, it’s blinkin’ amazing. My hands are usually covered in nasty dry cracks at this time of year, but I’ve not really noticed that at all since I started taking it.  Mr C is still carrying around some acne scars, followed by years of proper manly neglect – and he’s definitely looking smoother and lovelier already (don’t tell him I said so, though) after drinking it every morning for just a couple of weeks .


But back to the natural facelift massage. I decided to give it a go and oooh, it was really different to any other facial massage I’ve ever had. It starts off all very relaxing, with the sort of pressure you might expect during a facial. And it’s lovely. Then, about halfway through, just when you’re drifting off, she ups the pressure.

Quite firm, crescent-shaped movements along my jaw and round my cheeks. And funny little twisty-feeling moves across my forehead, up near my hairline, and round where my crows feet (let’s call them laughter lines, shall we?) are setting in. It feels a bit odd at first, but not uncomfortable at all, and boy-oh-boy does it make a difference.


I would like to pretend this is me, but it’s clearly not. I was *far* too relaxed during the whole process to remember to take any pictures. But it gives you the general idea, right? And I was certainly *feeling* that gorgeous….

I’ve had two now. The effects last – get this – at least a month. And you definitely can see a difference after just one 45-minute treatment. I arrived home, not having told Mr C what I was doing, and he immediately commented that I looked different. And, love him though I do, he is not a man who has been blessed with razor-sharp powers of observation when it comes to things like this. Other people – who do notice this sort of thing – commented on how well I was looking, too.

I’ve now managed – you’ll be delighted to hear – to persuade Louise Claremont to share all this loveliness with Muddy Herts. If you’re signed up for the blog, we’ll be selecting one lucky reader to receive a supply of Skinade to last 20 days, which is more than enough time for you to notice a real difference, and a natural facelift massage . Woo-hoo! That’s more than £100 worth of good stuff that will have you looking even more gorgeous than you already are.

If you’re a Muddy Herts subscriber already, all you have to do is cross your fingers. If you’re not – and why not?! – you simply have to register here. Then you can cross your fingers. We’ll be announcing the lucky winner on Saturday 28 Feb.

Ts&Cs: Winner will be announced on Saturday 28 February 2015 and will receive a 20-day supply of Skinade, shipped directly to the winner, as well as onenatural facelift massage (45 minutes) at Louise Claremont’s home studio in Tring. There’s no obligation to purchase any more services.  In order to be eligible to win, you need to be subscribed (tis free!) to the Muddy Herts blog.

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1 comment on “Better, brighter skin and no saggy bits? Yes, please!”

  • Helen G February 16, 2015

    With my fiftieth birthday approaching with frightening speed, I decided to cheer myself up with a Natural Facelift Massage by Louise Claremont. With no scalpels or even lotions and potions (I have blade phobias and allergies) involved, it sounded the perfect choice for me and I’d heard good things about it. After an hour of peaceful relaxation and facial muscle manipulation, I felt good, and went home looking like I was in my own soft focus bubble. Would recommend.


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